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Voice of the Indo-US business community

The chamber leverages its representation and influence in the legislative framework to promote as well as protect the interests of the community

Referrals and Introductions

Loyal members are introduced and recommended in response to domestic and international business inquiries made to the chamber

Strengthening the Foreign Direct Investment

With international trade promotion at the heart of the chamber, it diligently works towards identifying and encouraging organisations from across the world to invest in the US and India by means of business expansion, partnerships and research and development initiatives

Networking Events

The chamber hosts and participates in multiple events, seminars, workshops and forums annually to help its members make new business connections, learn best practices and engage with industry specialists and business evangelists

Resources and Publications

The chamber offers a repository of key information about business, political and economic climate through its print and online communication along with sponsored industry studies

Member to Member Discounts

Members are entitled to exclusive discounts on event participation and chamber publications. They also exchange offers on products and services among each other.

Membership Directory

Members are listed on the chamber website by business category and are searchable through keywords

Gain Business Exposure

The chamber provides visibility and promotion opportunities to its members through its events, publications, press communication and marketing promotion

Enhance Business Credibility

Being a member of the 98 year old apex industry body, instills business confidence among customers, stakeholders and prospective partners

Bespoke Marketing Assistance

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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Members can advertise in the chamber’s enewsletter, website or annual membership directory as well as avail sponsorship/collaboration opportunities for events, publications etc